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Seeking all Canadians who have what it takes!


The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada - Canada's only Army Reserve Regiment with a parachute task - is growing.


Get paid to challenge yourself on evening and weekends.  Enjoy guaranteed full-time summer employment for the first four years after joining.


Physically Fit - Tactically Competent - Regimentally Sound.  That's our motto.  Our Regiment attracts adventurous Canadians from all walks of life.


Applicants must be:   

  • Canadian citizens

  • 16 years and older

  • minimum Grade 10 education


Upon enrollment, you will have to complete introductory military training courses.


First, you will complete your basic military qualification course, full or part-time, most likely somewhere in or near Toronto.  Next, you will travel to a more remote location to complete your infantry specialty training.


If you make it, you will be eligible for advanced training which includes parachuting, mountain operations, reconnaissance and more! 


We are Toronto based citizen soldiers.


As Army Reservists, we have families, full-time careers, and enjoy a dynamic and flexible relationship with the Canadian Armed Forces.


Typically, we train one night a week, and one weekend a month.  We retain the option to serve full-time, whenever our country needs us to.  In exchange for this freedom of choice, whenever we train, we earn 85% of Regular pay rates, can access as adjusted benefits packages, and can qualify to contribute to a pension plan.


We pride ourselves on our respect for fundamental Canadian value and our unquenchable thirst for a challenge.


if you think you have what it takes to join our regimental family, send an email to our recruiting team. 




The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada (QOR) offers an unmatched range of Infantry jobs and training.  


The QOR is a Light Infantry and Airborne Infantry Unit, and we are looking for men and women seeking a challenge, rewarding friendships, and further excitement.

In Pace Paratus - In Peace Prepared

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