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The Regiment



The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada (QOR) is a Primary Army Reserve infantry regiment based in Toronto. Founded on April 26th, 1860, it is the oldest continuously serving infantry regiment in Canada.


On the battlefield, Rifles are known for their ability to move quickly on foot and unburdened by heavy equipment.  Men and Women of “Rifle” regiments are light infantry and are known as Riflemen.  They are characterized by their ability to apply "Rifleman’s initiative", expert marksmanship, and small unit tactics. 


The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada has taken part in every Canadian military campaign and served with great distinction in World War I and World War II in which 7 Riflemen were awarded the Victoria Cross.  Over the past 30 years, The QOR of C has provided personnel to support disaster relief in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba.  Riflemen have also served on Expeditionary Operations in Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Namibia, Poland, Somalia, Sudan, and Ukraine. 


The QOR of C is the Primary Reserve unit in Canada that is assigned the task of maintaining a Parachute Company. To become a member of the Company, Riflemen must attend specialized parachute training and maintain a high fitness standard. The Parachute Company specializes in conducting Airborne operations in which Riflemen conduct static-line parachuting from an airplane or helicopter with all the equipment required to fight on the battlefield. This is practiced during weekend training exercises. The unit also supports the Royal Canadian Air Force in Trenton when it trains C-130J Hercules Air Crews in parachute operations and the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC) by providing Parachute Packers or Instructors.

the Command Team



Her Royal Highness
The Duchess of Cornwall



Scott Moody CD

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Chief Warrant Officer

Jeff Johnston CD

The Battalion

  • Battalion Headquarters


  • 60th Company

    Rifle Company |  Recce 

  • Para Company

    Airborne Company

  • Buff's Company

    Rifle Company

  • Victoria Company

    Training Company  |  Regimental Stores 

    |  Recruits

  • Band & Bugles

    Regimental Band

Airborne Infantry


The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada is the only Primary Reserve Unit in Canada tasked to have a Parachute Company. We also have a support task to the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre.  The Unit regularly conducts parachute operations on its training exercises and frequently supports the Royal Canadian Air Force by providing paratroopers to support their airdrop currency training. The QOR of C Parachute Company has a strong working relationship with our Regular Force affiliated unit Mike (Parachute) Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment.


Our History


Formed 26 April 1860, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada is Canada’s oldest continuously serving infantry regiment, and since that time its members have served in every significant conflict in which Canadians have participated. 


For more information visit qormusuem.org or stop by our Museum located at Toronto's Historic CASA LOMA.


The museum, filled with memorabilia relating to the Regiment, dating as far back as the date of its formation in 1860 and its involvement in every military action undertaken by Canada since then, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

Our Regimental Family


QOR Association

The Association is comprised of serving and past members of the Regiment as well as their family members and others deemed to be friends of the Regiment. 


The Association began during the First World War and unlike many patriotic organizations formed at that time, has continued its work, and remains today an important factor in the life of the Regiment.

Canadian Airborne Forces Association

CAFA has represented the serving and retired Canadian Forces Airborne community through the exercise of the following objectives:

  • to promote and improve the esprit-de-corps and general efficiency of its members;

  • to support the continuation of balanced general-purpose Airborne Forces as part of Canada’s Armed Forces;

  • to react to hardship and need through the provision of gifts, grants, endowments and donations; and

  • to provide meaningful support to applicable Veterans’ Associations.

QOR Trust Fund

A key component of the Regimental Family is the Trust Fund, whose responsibility it is to raise funds to support Regimental activities not funded by the Department of National Defence (DND)

We are pleased you can now donate to the Trust Fund through our online giving partner CanadaHelps.org.


Please click on the button above to make your donation

QOR Museum - Casa Loma

The museum, filled with memorabilia relating to the Regiment, dating as far back as the date of its formation in 1860 and its involvement in every military action undertaken by Canada since then, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

2881 QOR Cadet Corps

The corps follows the standard Royal Canadian Army Cadet program, which includes fitness, citizenship and military skills training such as leadership, navigation, first aid, and field craft.​ The cadet program is for youth ages 12 to 18.

In Pace Paratus - In Peace Prepared

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